Number 1

Pro bodybuilding gym in the Midwest!


Dumbbells to Hammer Strength

We have it all...and then some

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Intense atmosphere

We can help you build a great physique


Spartan advanced training room


We have dumbbells ranging from 5 - 200lbs in 5lb increments. If you need anything larger than that you should already have a membership here!

Hammer Strength

When you need isolation for single muscles to sculpt your perfect physique our upper body room has 15 Hammer Strength machines!

Free Weights

With 5 flat benches, 4 inclines, 3 declines there is no need to wait here, we have the most free weights in the St. Louis area.

What Client’s Say

Get big quick in our leg room, or isolate muscles in our resistance training room


We pride ourselves in our leg room. There are customers who drive over an hour just to train legs at our facility

Cardio Room

In the front of our building we have 15 tredmills, 9 bikes, and 2 stair stepper machines. We also have TV's and magazines available.

Resistence Training

Here we have over 30 cybex machines in our front room. We have more than two of every machine because nobody who wants results wants to stand and wait.

About Us

  • Ladies Cardio / Resistence Training Program To Lose Weight. Build Bone Density & Prevent Osteoporosis.
  • More Advanced Resistence Training Machines & Free Weights Than Any Other Club In The St. Louis Area
  • Continue Your Rehabilitation. Fitness & Wellness - Cybex. Magnum. Life Fitness, Flex & Hammer Strength Equipment.
  • Our Advanced Equipment & Training Methods Help You With Your Weight Management. Dumbells 5 - 200 Pounds.
  • We Help Our Clients Reduce Stress / Cardiovascular Health Risks By Adjusting Lifestyle Through Fitness Programs Around Our Advanced Training, Equipment, & Programs.

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